• Locus Research Team

Timothy Allan

Timothy has more than 20 years’ experience as an innovation and R&D leader, with a wide range of experience in the development of new businesses that are driven by disruptive products. He is the founder of Locus Research and has proven his ability to head technology-oriented product development projects and diversified design teams.


Tracey Swinehart
Executive Director

From an early start in the mid-Canterbury, rural town of Ashburton, Tracey discovered she had a natural flare for understanding business administration, accounting, systems, and processes.


Dan Faris

An expert at balancing competing priorities, and identifying the right pathway for success, Daniel brings his deep appreciation for human-centred design to the practical and commercial realities of research and development.


Kat Sutherland
Innovation Consultant

With equal measures of product development and marketing experience, Kat is an experienced hand at bringing new products to market.


Caroline Noordijk
Creative Director

Caroline is an internationally experienced designer and brand identity specialist, and specialises in defining new products from the core values all the way up to the physical appearance.


Nick Dibley
Design Engineer

Nick has a diverse range of product development skills, ranging from medical design to sales and marketing.


Daniel DeRenzy
Technical Director

An engineer in mind and a problem solver at heart, Daniel thrives on gaining new insight and understanding, whilst cutting directly to the heart of a design challenge.


Robin Lyttle
Communication Designer

With artistic skill and a keen eye for detail and precision, Robin was born to be a graphic designer.


Danny Neill
Product Designer

Born in West Auckland, Danny grew up making and breaking things in his backyard with his Dad’s ‘borrowed’ tools.


Isaac Crowe
Brand and Graphic Designer

For as long as Isaac can remember he has always had a passion for visual arts and later on graphic design.


Natasha Strange
Accounting & Office Manager

A love for figures and finding the balance made accounting a natural fit for Natasha, also known as Tash.


Amy Margan
Accounting & Office Manager

Amy is super organised and loves a challenge, making her the perfect person to keep the Locus studio running smoothly.


Michael Peterson
Technical Director

An engineer in mind, an artist at heart and a rebel in nature, Michael seeks to push boundaries. Armed with a unique combination of analytical and creative competencies Michael challenges traditional thinking.


Simon Crane
Product Designer

With a passion for collaborating with end users, Simon focuses on understanding people’s motivations, emotions and interactions to deliver awesome products and experiences.


Nick Eaton
Product Designer

With a strong interest in design from early years, Nick approaches product design with a meticulous eye for detail and a knack for the organisation of people and ideas.


Krissi Mills
Communication Designer

Krissi is a spirited visual communicator, with a passion for typography, print, photography, and interdisciplinary learning.


Teresa Edwards
Finance & Administration Manager

Making steady progress through Locus Research’s early years, Teresa helped to build operational procedures, put new processes and accounts administration systems in place, and went on to support the team for 11 years.


Jonathan Jones
Research Director

Jono has a wide variety of innovation and product development experience, driving complex multidisciplinary product developments from research to market entry.


Blythe Rees-Jones
Creative Director

Blythe is an award-winning product developer and designer who has a creative streak and a strong ability to drive collaboration.


Rogier Simons
Programme Director

Rogier has had exposure to a wide range of industries that have helped him develop a sound technical knowledge of product development.


Nikki Withington
Materials & Process Engineer

Nikki undertook a degree in Materials and Process Engineering at Waikato University and went on to write the research report on plastics recycling in New Zealand.


Chris Brown
Design Engineer

Chris studied as a design engineer in Dunedin and went on to work in the meat processing industry on mechatronic projects, he then settled into a career as a design engineer.


Vicky Teinaki
Interaction Designer

Vicky holds a Masters in Design focusing on interface design and is an active member of the international user experience community.


Mark Bunzten
Industrial Designer

Mark is a designer interested in philosophical questions about designing, he enjoys the act of designing and making.


Jared Mankelow
Industrial Designer

Jared is a multi-disciplinary designer currently applying his skills with Therefore in London. A lean, keen mountain biker (when in NZ) and an important part of the early team at Locus.


Josh Astill
Design Researcher & Furniture Designer

Josh lives and works in Holland as a designer, he has a strong orientation and commitment to sustainable product design.


Ryder Meggitt
Head of Industrial & Service Design – Onzo

Ryder is a talented designer, an ex-green beret, he tackles design as he would anything else, with vigour.


Marcus Warren
Industrial Designer

Marcus is an industrial designer based in New Zealand.


Zoe Sizemore
Graphic Designer

Zoe is an energetic and creative graphic designer and has a wide range of experience in graphic design and brand development in both print and digital.


Neil Tierney
R&D Director

Neil is the leader of a multi-disciplinary design and technology team developing sustainable new products and services for the energy and utility sector.


Karoline Jonsson
Product Development Manager

Karoline is a highly motivated and organised engineer working in product development in the nutraceuticals and natural healthcare sector.


Ailie Rundle
Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer 2006-8


Mark Bell
Design Engineer

Mark was a member of the innovative Lexicon design team led by Phil Walters.


Kylie Baker
Industrial Designer

Kylie Baker is an industrial designer with a focus on textiles.


Patricia Vernooij
Independent 3D Designer

Patricia is a creative, inventive, enthusiastic, curious, eager and open-minded person full of inspiration.


Matthew Davison
Biomedical Engineer

Matthew is a biomedical engineer, bringing a unique perspective and invigorating discussions with a fresh viewpoint.