Natasha Strange

Accounting & Office Manager

A love for figures and finding the balance made accounting a natural fit for Natasha, also known as Tash.

She had a natural love for solving challenges and banking ran in the family, but after a number of years with an accounting firm, she wanted to move into the commercial sector. She loved the building industry and worked in both financial accounting and property management for 10 years.

Before coming to Locus, Tash managed Rydal House for a few years, so it’s fitting that she’s working in it now.

Born and raised in Tauranga, Tash lives with her partner Kevin and their 5 college-age children. She enjoys life and has a positive “go get it” attitude. A fitness fan, she’s involved in a wide range of activities such as running, tennis, boating, and generally enjoying outdoor fun with her family.

As a part-time volunteer for Food Rescue, part of the Good Neighbour movement, she helps collect and redistribute food that would otherwise go to waste, to charities. She is also fond of school camps, school trips, and has enjoyed some coaching opportunities along the way.


Financial accounting
Property management


Completed a Marathon and many half marathons and multisport events over the last 10 years.

Sometimes will validate the blonde stereotype with random questions or comments.

“If I ever go missing I would like my photo put on a wine bottle instead of a milk bottle, that way more people I know are more likely to see it!”


Enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures

Loves food and wine, friends and family

Has coached primary volleyball & basketball teams