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Open Acts

How do we give back? We aim to share our knowledge and expertise with others through education and community work, focusing on the areas of innovation and sustainability.

As a subject very dear to our hearts, we foster innovation through many different channels, in a bid to empower and inspire our innovators of tomorrow. We head out to events, speak at forums, and welcome any opportunity to expand innovation and creativity.

We’re open to new partnerships and opportunities when it comes to our open acts — so get in touch if you’d to chat (or take us out for a coffee, this always goes down a treat).


Developing a culture of innovation in education is essential if we want to meet future workforce demands and capitalise on the opportunities they offer. The Young Innovator Awards (YIA) aims to inspire and engage local secondary students and young professionals in the process of innovative thinking and problem solving.

The creative thinking and energy of the students inspires us; it’s a privilege to assist in nurturing that talent through this competition. You can learn more about the awards, internship, and the forum here.


As a sponsor of Fieldays Innovations, we work closely with the team to develop the innovation centre, The Lab, and the Fieldays Innovation Awards themselves.

We are also on the judging panel and offer the Locus Research Innovation Award. The award winner is offered four days worth of work with the Locus team, where we assist in taking their product to the next level. You can learn more about our involvement here.


Our methods of innovation aren’t a secret — we have our resources on hand to allow you to pick our brain and gain insight into the way we work. We also travel the country speaking at events, schools, and companies on these topics. Keen to attend our next talk? Sign up for our newsletter and stay in the loop by following our social channels @locusresearch.


The Locus team love to learn, so not only do we encourage education and innovation for others, but we like to make sure we are living our own mantra. If there’s a topic we are curious about, we will invite an expert to come in and tell us about their chosen field. Let us know if you’d like to join us for the next session (and more than likely share a beer with the team).


We offer a three-month paid internship to budding designers and developers. Interns spend their time focused on a commercial project, working alongside our multi-talented team to develop their skills in a working environment.

Sustainability for the future

As designers and crafts people we need to help the process of environmental renewal through choosing materials that are renewable and sustainable. More than just a channel of consulting work, the sustainability mind frame is engraved in everything we do.

Every designer will have a unique and interesting perspective on what sustainability means in relation to their work. This should be encouraged, as it provides a diverse range of responses, ideas, and solutions to the problems presented by sustainability (or lack thereof).

You won’t often read or hear us talking specifically about the ‘sustainable’ aspects of our designs (unless asked of course), and our unique proposition should never be about selling the Green. After all, it just seems wrong to make a big deal out of what we all have a responsibility to achieve.

Understanding consumers and influencing them through the design of products and services, communications, and spaces is a true creative challenge. And a creative challenge is something any good designer just simply can’t resist.

Sustainability initiatives

Sustainable Design Resource for the Designers Institute

Thought pieces and case studies to inform the industry of stellar examples of sustainable design. View it here.


Encapsulating the idea of designing with nature’s system of transformation and renewal in mind. Read the case study.

Building Blocks of Sustainable Design

A guide for designers and their clients to help the uptake of sustainable design in commercial practice. Coming Soon.