Product Design & Development

We care about a commercially successful outcome. To get there, we work holistically across all influential factors, championing both the bigger picture and the details.

Successful product development spans multiple disciplines, each of which are vital to commercial success. To manage this, we take a holistic and concurrent approach from the first engagement. Our approach considers key factors such as business model, brand, intellectual property and product life-cycle (to name a few) and chart the best pathway to commercial success.

Fundamentally, we understand that these factors are all as critical to success as the embodiment of the product itself. Our approach brings the broader tasks involved with commercialisation into the R&D domain; keeping us prepared at every stage of the journey.


Our development framework is a structured in a series of phases. This way, we can accurately and effectively manage the process of developing new ideas all the way through to delivery into market.  The framework has evolved over fifteen years of managing low- to high-risk development opportunities.

Locus Research works in a wide range of industries and domains. Our development framework has been used in the formation of materials, physical products, services, software, and functional foods. Our approach is research driven and seeks to establish the feasibility of a programme at an early stage, prior to entering any technical development.


You won’t often read or hear us talking specifically about the ‘sustainable’ aspects of our designs (unless asked of course), and our unique proposition should never be about selling the Green. After all, it just seems wrong to make a big deal out of what we all have a responsibility to achieve.

We do, however, have some resources to get you on the path to sustainable design.

Discover what our wide array of skills and expertise can do for you. We are a pretty friendly bunch, so get in touch if you have any questions.

Product Development Phases

Our service offering has grown from our core competency of product development and utilises the skills of our experienced and talented team.

We approach all projects with a research-first approach, as well as considering and implementing commercialisation throughout the lifetime of the programme.


Development Research Discovery To MARKET Output:Product Development Specification (PDS) Output:Approved PrincipalSolution Output:Developed PrincipalSolution Output:Market Ready Output:Defined Project &Research Planning &Clarifying Research & Specification Ideation & Concept Embodiment & Detail Production & Market Entry IdeationReview GATEConceptDevelopment GATEEmbodimentDevelopment GATEDetailDevelopment GATEResearch


Discovery is designed to be a three-dimensional look into an idea or opportunity at any stage of development, regardless of industry type or orientation. We dig deep to find the Achilles heel and offer solutions. The work is typically completed within 20-40 hours, and results in a series of recommendations about the programme and the suggested pathway for development. Find out more about our Discovery process.


Defined project plan and research documentation


Before we dive too deep, we take a step back and seek to define key factors that could influence development and commercial success. This could include, but is not limited to, user research, market validation, technical and scientific research, as well as looking into product standards and compliance. This culminates in the completion of a Product Development Specification document (PDS).


Product development specification document (PDS)

DEVELOPMENT – Ideation & Concept

This phase is the backbone of the development project –  the hard yards. Our development process is broken down into four steps with three structural gates between them: Ideation, Concept Development, Embodiment, and Detail Development.

In the Ideation phase, the team works to conceptualise and create a wide range of ideas. These ideas leverage the requirements of the PDS to create potential solutions for future developments.

Ideation flows into Concept Development, where selected ideas are developed to a higher level of resolution and presented back to the client for a detailed and critical assessment. We might incorporate early prototyping and more detailed specifications to start bringing the ideas to life.


Approved principal solution

DEVELOPMENT – Embodiment & Detail

The Embodiment phase develops the best solution with greater focus and detail. It will involve more prototyping and iterative testing, both performance and user based, to develop and prove the performance of the product.

Detail Development is the phase where all the loose ends start coming together. The team drives toward the final iteration of the product or service, establishes suppliers and a market strategy, and is the last significant step before commercialisation.


Developed principal solution


With a fully defined product in place, it is time to pull the trigger and make the final commitment to the actual production and subsequently presenting the product to the world through a (digital) marketing strategy.

Our previous phases have been focussed on risk mitigation to ensure this costly part of the process goes as smoothly as possible. We will work closely with the suppliers and partners to make sure all the pieces fit together.

With a great understanding of the product and brand, we are well positioned in generating all the material needed to showcase the products. Brand collateral, user manuals, online presence (websites) and social media — we focus on the full product experience.


Market ready product


Product Development costs money; it is a complex undertaking that requires effective financial assessment of cash flow requirements throughout the lifetime of a programme. From government funding to capital raising, we have a lot of experience with the financial intricacies of development and understand what it takes to get over the line (and stay in the black).


Head to our funding page to see how we can help you navigate the funding landscape.