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What We Do

With over 15 years in operation, we have built a reputation for deep research, original product development, and rock solid implementation. We are experts at developing innovative and commercially successful products.

Our experienced team has expertise across a number of disciplines which enables us to generate insights and opportunities from broad perspectives and translate these into benefit led solutions in product, brand, digital, service, and other mediums.


While product development is our core business, we also consult on strategy and innovation for your business. We also believe in giving back, so we contribute our time to activities and projects focused on growing innovation in NZ.

Partnering with us can reduce the upfront cost of development and the load on internal management time by delivering you a single accountable product research, development, and management solution for your business.

We seek to challenge and redefine product development through the use of research and life cycle thinking.

Explore our four channels below and get to know what we can do for you. Have a question? Feel free to get in touch – we’re here to help.

Locus Research Product Development


Bringing your product to life via our research driven approach.

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Locus Research Ventures


Partnering up to create breakthrough opportunities and businesses.

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Locus Research Innovation Consulting


Helping your organisation rediscover its inner entrepreneur.

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Locus Research Open Acts


Fostering innovation and education in New Zealand.

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Research at the heart

Everything we do and every decision we make is underpinned by research. This approach allows us to identify and capture key insights across different areas of the project and come up with potential solutions for success.

Our cross functional team works intimately across all areas, to unearth all of the possible challenges and needs a product may encounter throughout the development and commercialisation process. These include (but are not exclusive to) user experience, brand strategy, market research, supply chain and tooling, business and finance, scientific investigation and engineering analysis.

Our hands-on approach means we create and build products that are leaders in their fields, with the best runway possible leading to market entry.

internalcircles RESEARCHLeads to understandingUNDERSTANDINGLeads to insightINSIGHTLeads to breakthroughnew products

Discover what our wide array of skills and expertise can do for you. We are a pretty friendly bunch, so get in touch if you have any questions.

Product offering

There are many ways of achieving results depending on the nature of a project as well as the stage it is in. Over time, we have developed different tools and product offerings to help you on your way.

From rigorously investigating your ideas, to taking a closer look at your business through our special lenses, to helping you understand sustainability or improve your company’s internal capabilities with our NZTE voucher funding programs, we’ve got you covered.


Discovery is designed to be a three-dimensional look into an idea or opportunity at any stage of development, regardless of industry type or orientation. We dig deep to find a project’s Achilles Heel. We then create a program to tackle any issues in the next phase of development.

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Our R&D Essentials program helps you navigate the landscape and answers questions needed to ensure your business can take advantage of the new R&D Tax Incentive. We provide a two-part package that starts with an application readiness assessment, followed by the full R&D Essentials completion – which can lead to a more intensive wrap around service.

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We developed the Six Lenses for Innovation to help companies to review and assess the performance of their internal product development and commercialisation processes. We can come into your business to observe and will assist with the pathway forward.

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Understanding the key tools, strategies, and approaches to Life Cycle Thinking will ensure that you are prepared to meet today’s environmental challenges and lead in the market. Learn the design-led approach to Life Cycle Thinking and how to directly apply it through a series of workshops.

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We are an NZTE-accredited Capability Development Provider. We offer a unique three-part workshop series designed to help you become better at developing new products and delivering them to market. We also have experience in additional funding pathways, such as the Callaghan programs.

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Our skill set

Innovative product development is an increasingly complex field. It requires an interconnected approach to be effective and to deliver original, insightful solutions. To achieve this, our cross-functional and highly skilled team will work together develop ideas concurrently and coherently.

While it’s impossible to list everything we get up to in the Locus studio, we have gathered some of our biggest driving elements in our project work.


We use a range of research techniques to help identify and capture key insights that drive successful products.

Design research. Market and customer research. Technical and scientific research. User validation. Engineering, materials, and testing. Product standards and requirements. Supply chain and production research.


We use a structured framework to bring your product to market with focus, efficiency, and creativity.

Project and programme management. Project structure and scope. Project costing and planning. Reporting to project funders. Portfolio planning.


From idea generation to market entry, we have the skills to develop insight- driven products that really connect with customers. This is where we bring your product to life.

Product design and development. Service design. Supply chain set up. Product standards and compliance. Manufacturer engagement. Testing, validation and compliance.


This is the fabric that holds all experiences together, from the company values all the way to tangible expression of your products.

Brand strategy. Brand expression. Graphic design. Print collateral. Packaging design. Story and copy writing. Communication design. Digital marketing and social media. Illustrations, diagrams, and icons. Customer experience. Web development.


Without a solid business, there is no future for a product. Our capable team can help you establish and maintain a strong, healthy business.

Project management and planning. Economic forecasts and modelling. Funding applications and reporting. Raising capital investment. Investor pitch story and presentation.


The path to market is vital and often underestimated. It takes endurance, tact, and agility. We bring to the table our hands-on experience and broad network of resources .

Market entry strategy. Product portfolio planning. Production and supply chain management. Distributor engagement. IP and Trademarking assistance.


We work with businesses to develop their capabilities through workshops, seminars, and mentoring.

Capability development. Auditing existing development process. Sustainability advisory. Product strategy review. Team culture review. Life cycle thinking.