Life Cycle Thinking Workshops

Increasingly, businesses are faced with environmental requirements from markets, customers and their supply chain. Life Cycle Thinking can be used to improve environmental performance, as well as improve social performance in various stages of a product’s life. Not just cleaner and greener products, a company can achieve a competitive advantage, improved partnerships and a better understanding of their product and user interactions.

This course helps you understand and practice the key tools, strategies, and approaches to ensure that you are prepared to meet these challenges and lead in the market. The workshop series is targeted at those who are responsible for or involved with product and service development within an organisation. The workshops will introduce a design-led approach to life cycle thinking and how to directly apply the key ideas, tools, and techniques in a practical and integrated manner.

Build Your Knowledge

The workshops begin with an introduction to the key principles behind Life Cycle Thinking as a design model that incorporates a system-oriented design approach that includes the product lifecycle. The second workshop applies Life Cycle Thinking to the development and management of products and services.

The third workshop teaches how to implement change through tools. It also offers an overview of life cycle thinking approaches such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Carbon Foot-printing, and other environmental performance indicators.

The content of each workshop is structured progressively so that the information builds on the previous workshop to enable a detailed investigation of the subject matter. This creates an accessible approach whilst still engaging with important aspects of Life Cycle Thinking, management, and tools. Each workshop has a strong interactive learning component, designed to apply and reinforce key learnings from each session.

NZTE Sustainability Vouchers

If you have aspirations to grow your business you might also be eligible for a New Zealand Trade and Enterprise supported Sustainability Voucher, which is offered through the Regional Business Partners network. We are accredited under the NZTE program and the sustainability voucher can be used as partial payment towards the cost of sustainability training.

The Workshop Series

This workshop series is for start-ups, SMEs, or large corporate organisations, whether you’re pre-market, in launch mode, or seeking to grow post-launch. The Art of Product Development takes you inside Locus’s award-winning integrated development approach which helps generate new insight-driven products that create a real impact.

We can help assess which workshops work best for your project and get you on your way to better innovation.

Each workshop consists of a series of presentations followed by team workshop sessions, designed to enable your company to become more successful in developing and delivering new products to market.

You can participate in all three workshops in the series or elect to attend the specific workshop that best suits your individual needs.



  • Understand the key principles behind Life Cycle Thinking.
  • Apply system-oriented design to the creation of sustainable products and services.
  • Understand the product lifecycle and where the value for the end user resides.



  • Map the environmental impact of a given product system.
  • Identify the value delivered and how this can inform the design of new product systems.
  • Learn methods for exploring how to deliver this value, without the waste.



  • Understand how to undertake a Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Footprinting and the implications of each.
  • Build a high-level appreciation for other environmental performance indicators and their application.



Series Length – 1.5 Days (Comprised of 3 x 0.5 day Sessions)

Cost – $9,500 excl GST

Location – Onsite

About thinkstep + Locus Research

thinkstep enables organizations worldwide to succeed sustainably. Our industry-leading sustainability software, data and consulting services help businesses drive operational excellence, product innovation, brand value and regulatory compliance. thinkstep produces a life-cycle assessment modelling program called GaBi (short for “Ganzheitliche Bilanz”, which means Holistic Balance in German), and corporate sustainability management and reporting software called SoFi.

thinkstep and Locus have been working together for a good while now, starting with the initiation of our Life Cycle Thinking Workshop Series back in 2008. With their sustainability expertise tied in with our product development skills, together we can do great things to help your business understand sustainability and create better products.

Building on our history, we’ve updated the Life Cycle Thinking Workshop Series to address present-day problems and goals.

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