We team up with entrepreneurs, creative minds, and business leaders to offer our comprehensive capabilities and launch new ventures. We are hands-on — getting stuck in, boots and all.

Starting up is equal parts exciting, challenging, and ambitious – just how we like it. We apply our commercial experience and expertise in this domain by partnering with new ventures from their earliest days. This gives us a chance to provide a real leg-up towards market entry.

One of the hard realities of starting a new venture is that expertise is critical at the earliest stages. Unfortunately, at that point, it is often the least affordable. That doesn’t stop us though. If we feel a venture aligns well with us, we consider offering our services at a reduced rate (plus equity) so we can get stuck-in early on.

The fact is, these new enterprises are always unique. When the challenge involves exploring new markets, technologies and product categories they can be daunting as well. If that sounds familiar to you, maybe we can help.

From idea to tangible outcome, we are in the business of commercialising products and we’re always on the look-out for the next opportunity.

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Qualifiers: What do we consider?


We get most excited by disruptive ideas that can shake up a market. This could be through a unique product, a never-seen-before technology or a disruptive business model. Ideas that address real problems, create a solution for upcoming needs or changing landscapes are the ones that get us going.


Time is of the essence. We understand the need to get a product to market as quick as possible. This is not just about claiming your stake. Getting to market quickly allows you to live-test your product and learn from the market. If we feel the world is ready, we aim for first product-to-market within 12-24 months of our first engagement.


Skills, flexibility, and credibility are important when ramping up to attract the attentions of future investors and partners. Don’t get us wrong; a bit of friction can help a product shine, but ultimately we need to build teams who partner well together for a fair amount of time. We use our network of talented people to help build these awesome teams as required.


How we help

We take a holistic approach to develop and commercialise your product. These are boots-and-all engagements; our talented team throw all their energy into the mix to take the product to the line. Whether brand new, late stage start-up, or established company, we are here to help get your product into shape and into the spotlight.

We build a lean programme of work that respects the time and money constraints we will be facing together. It is about on-point and on-time delivery for each stage of the project, balanced with a clear appreciation that these plans need to adjust to inevitable surprises. From generating the right user insights, to physical prototyping, to building the right team or gearing up for capital raising, we have been there before. We know how the walk the tightrope.

We cover the full spectrum

We aim to get you on your feet and growing within a short amount time. Once you’re established and holding your own, we’ll work with you to redefine our partnership and help you spread your wings.

It is like a very hands-on, knee-deep, all-in incubator. Feel like venturing with us? Get in touch

Financial modelling
Business development
Growth strategy
Capital planning

Capital raising & government funding
Sustainability analysis
Initial marketing strategy & implementation

“The Locus team is great to work with. It’s been a collaborative approach, so having them come on board as a shareholder was a natural fit.”