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Innovation Consulting

Our broad and deep experience working in a wide range of fields forms the baseline for our Innovation Consulting services. We offer an outside viewpoint to help your company work better and achieve your innovation goals.

We work with you to build the potential of your team and to help you deliver better results through your own R&D programmes. This includes advice on innovation, commercialisation, and capability development through audit, review, and advisory services.


We are an NZTE-accredited Capability Development Provider and have worked with a number of businesses to develop their capabilities in product development and commercialisation.

We offer a three-part workshop series designed to help companies become better at developing new products and delivering them to market. The workshops explore the key reasons why you need to innovate, show you why an effective product development process is your company’s most valuable asset, and provide a framework for how to commercialise new ideas successfully. They are aided by NZTE funding and are invaluable for a business.


We use our own custom frameworks to review and advise on the performance of your company’s product development and commercialisation process, R&D structures, and programmes. We have developed the ‘Six Lenses for Innovation’, a framework that looks at all the key aspects of a business that influence its ability to innovate successfully. The lenses evaluate a business from groups, teams, and culture to management and process. We use this tool to understand how R&D is structured within a business and how each area, activity, and discipline interacts and interfaces.


Commercialisation is inherently embedded in our process. Everything we do has the end goal of commercial success. We are trained to understand what is required at every stage of development to ensure a good outcome. We can help clients with anything from developing commercialisation frameworks or writing a business case, to assisting with capital raising, development of marketing and sales collateral, or setting up supply chains.


We can also step in to help clients with specific issues or projects in an advisory capacity. Our broad experience base means we can make valuable contributions across a range of areas. This mentoring and support work can be ongoing support over time, mentoring on a short project, or participation in specific strategic discussions. It can be quite fluid, flexible, and cost effective and is tailored to your unique needs.

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Six Lenses

We developed the Six Lenses for Innovation to help companies to review and assess the performance of their product development and commercialisation process. It seeks to understand how R&D is structured within a business and how each area, activity, and discipline interacts and interfaces together.

The framework looks at your company through six different lenses to identify areas of concern or issues that may limit innovation. The process draws out insights and recommendations that have the ability to change practice and behaviour to improve development outcomes.


Product development and commercialisation are often viewed as distinct and separate processes. Our experience in a range of sectors and industries indicate that effective product development requires a fully integrated approach to be successful. This means considering all aspects of product development and commercialisation in the same context. As such, our approach to both product development and innovation consulting have been broad by necessity and looks for relationships between areas.


A detailed performance rating is given to each of the six lenses, which highlights where the strengths lie and where improvement is needed.

Case studies & constraints

Constraints, expectations, barriers, successes and failures.

Consumers & Markets

Customers, problems or needs, market research, brand and marketing, user research.

Commercialisation process

Business case, handover and transition, market entry, intellectual property, partnerships and alliances.

Management & process

Processes and approach, gates and milestones, programme management, testing, validation and compliance.

Groups, teams & culture

Group modes, cross pollination, culture, learning and environment.

Creativity & vision

Idea sources, originality, inventiveness, creative power and vision.



A detailed performance rating is given to each of the six lenses, which highlight where strengths lie and recommend where improvement is needed. Each lens has a number of sub categories that explore particular areas, which are also rated.

The rating system has been designed to be intuitive and easy to read and understand. The ratings provide a useful gauge but should be considered in the wider context of recommendations. The rating is strongly related to the value that the recommendation could have on improving innovation outcomes.


Feel like your company could benefit from our Six Lenses process? We can come into your business to observe and assist with a pathway forward.

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