• Robin Lyttle

Robin Lyttle

Communication Designer

With artistic skill and a keen eye for detail and precision, Robin was born to be a graphic designer.

What began as a career in magazines has evolved to encompass numerous skills, from photography and editing to branding and web design, textile and packaging design to marketing. She is a quick learner and is continually expanding her skill base.

Robin’s passion for design was sparked in high school and was nurtured at Ohio University School of Visual Communications, where she gained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Publication Design and Infographics.

She gained experience in studio photography and the inner workings of the elite lifestyle magazine while completing an extended design internship at Whirl Magazine in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Robin moved to New Zealand in 2007 and worked for well-known fashion designer Annah Stretton. Here she truly grasped every facet of the publications industry, managing the creation of women’s business publication, Her Magazine.

Her multitasking skills were broadened by mastering the organization and design of the monthly magazine, to photographing garments and fashion spreads, to proofreading and prepress operations. Working above the busy factory floor, she got a taste of the retail fashion industry, designing patterns for textiles and screen-printing, sign writing, retail signage, branding, and marketing collateral.

Robin further embodies the qualities of a design maestro at Locus Research. She finds the diversity of projects intriguing and has added branding and social media marketing skills to her repertoire. She thrives on the continued learning opportunities presented by design research and product development, while still getting the opportunity to visit her first love of publications.


Publication Design & Pre-press Operations
Brand Identity & Application
Photography & Photo Editing
Social Media Marketing
Illustration, Diagrams & Infographics
User & Market Research


Grew up on the ice, synchronized skating and figure skating

Met her Kiwi husband at an American summer camp; they had a wedding each country

Keeps a box of tissues at her desk because she cries when laughing


Won a publishing award for High School Yearbook

Co-Published ‘A Measure of Success: Celebrating Ten Years of Original Product Development’, a reflective collection of Locus Research’s work

Was director of ceramics at Camp Michigania summer camp