• Simon Crane

Caroline Noordijk

Creative Director

Caroline is an internationally experienced designer and brand identity specialist, and specialises in defining new products from the core values all the way up to the physical appearance.

Born and raised in a small town near Amsterdam, Caroline has had the urge to explore new places for as long as she can remember. Little did she know that New Zealand would one day be the result of those adventures.

After finishing her BA in Architectural design, she pursued her love affair with product design and got a Master’s Degree in Design Products at the Royal College of Art in London. Through that experience and the following years at different design studios in the UK and the Netherlands, she established herself as a designer with a special interest in Brand Identity. To her, product design is the tangible expression of an identity and part of the bigger picture in which she is equally interested.

Caroline believes it is important to fill your world with many inspiration sources going beyond your own silos. This never ending absorbing of creative input is at the basis of her work, or as she likes to call it, her informed intuition.

Having worked on products across wide variety of industries, with talented design colleagues and clients, she has the ability to speak the language of many disciplines evolved. Her ability to deduct effectively without losing eye for detail helps capturing the magic for our clients.


Product Design
Brand Strategy & Expression
Print & Publication Design
Photography & Photo Editing
Illustration, Diagrams & Infographics
User & Market Research


Collects sunglasses and tends to have multiple pairs in her car and bag

Loves giraffes, especially when they run

Is always excited when she spots a Dutch cheese shop in NZ


Collected a few awards along the way with the most recent ones from Reddot design award, IF Awards, Good Design Awards and our NZ Best Awards.

Her work showcased in magazines and exhibitions worldwide including DesignMart at the Design Museum in London, presenting upcoming talent.