Isaac Crowe

Brand and Graphic Designer

For as long as Isaac can remember he has always had a passion for visual arts and later on graphic design. His parents supporting him to express his creativity is a huge factor in this, but his path to becoming a graphic designer was a long one.

Born in Auckland but spending a majority of his life growing up the small country town of Morrinsville, his past working lives includes Freezer Worker, Teacher Aide, and Tattoo Apprentice before leaping into study.

Isaac studied at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology in Tauranga where he graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Industries majoring in Graphic Design. During his time studying Isaac refined his design aesthetic to focus on white space and a minimalist approach.

Isaac is also a practising visual artist. His body of work has varied over the years, but as of late, he has been focusing more on using technology to create work. These works include digital illustrations that are heavier inspired by tattoo culture and in particular neo-traditional tattooing as well as the use of a laser cutter to create finished works.

Isaac’s interest in social media and digital marketing came from the need to be able to promote himself as a creative in the “real world.” Although not coming from a marketing background, Isaac took it upon himself to learn the ins and outs of social media. He often refers back to the teachings of Neil Patel and is frequently listening to podcasts to upskill himself as the marketing landscape is forever changing.

Isaac joins the Locus Research team as a Graphic and Brand Designer and is looking forward to continuing and helping with the great work that is being produced.


Brand Identity & Application
Video editing
Publication Design
Social Media


The late rapper Mac Miller is his idol.

Huge South Sydney Rabbitohs (Rugby League) supporter and even got a tattoo of their logo after they won the 2014 NRL premiership (First time in 43 years)

Was a Call of Duty nerd and at one point of time was ranked in the top 400 players in the world online for Advanced Warfare.


Won The Incubator Emerging Artist Award at the 2018 Miles Art Awards

Lives for the summertime and getting away with friends for road trips

Tries to ring his Nana at least once a week to talk sports, politics and catch up on life.