• Kat Sutherland - Innovation Consultant

Kat Sutherland

Innovation Consultant

With equal measures of product development and marketing experience, Kat is an experienced hand at bringing new products to market.

On the Locus team for the second time (she was on the crew 2012-2014) Kat’s passion for product development and innovation is stronger than ever.

Across all the work she’s done, people are at heart. Whether it’s diving deep to understand customer needs, figuring out how to connect with those customers and motivate change, or getting teams working well together, understanding what makes people tick is one of Kat’s key strengths.

With a Masters Degree in Product Development (MTech) Kat’s work story started with a decade long stint at office furniture design company, Formway. This is where she mastered her craft and led some groundbreaking projects such as the development of the highly successful Life chair. Most recently, Kat helped grow social media agency Likeable Lab into an industry leader and learnt how to ‘be social’ a skill essential for business in this day and age.

Now back at Locus as an Innovation Consultant, she’s using her broad and deep experience to help companies work better and achieve their innovation goals.


Product Development
Innovation Consulting
Social Media & Marketing
User & Market Research


No, she can’t straighten her hair!

Has inadvertently taken on the ‘Mount Everest’ of home renovation projects.

Is very particular about office furniture.


Works while her two kids are at school, then becomes a taxi and food service.

Has proven that you don’t have to be ‘young’ and cool to work in social media.