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Frustrated with the time-consuming process of rewinding line trimmers, Littl' Juey set out to change the game.


Local entrepreneur Frank Walker came up with the idea to use strips of nylon wire rather than the conventional wind-on spools. He first commissioned an aluminium prototype for a head design that for use on straight-shaft line trimmer machines and later for bent-head machines. He launched Littl’ Juey at Fieldays in 2003 and received an award for New Equipment Innovation.


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With a winning idea in place, Littl’ Juey utilised the Locus team’s skills and expertise to further develop a model for high quality, high volume production. The aluminium construction was replaced with a high-grade polymer model. The cutting head design was modified to fit nearly all existing brands of brush cutters and line trimmers, replacing the spool head. A simple modification kit comes with all the parts needed to swap heads without any tools required.

Development and testing were undertaken to qualify and validate the performance of the new design. Once the design of the cutting head had been proven and the intellectual property protected, further development was undertaken to move the product from a machined metal component to an injection moulded, glass reinforced product. Tooling was commissioned, and samples were produced and tested to ensure that the plastic variety performed as well as the first-generation metal part. Seeing the growing demand for longer-life nylon, the team also produced a line of reload strips for various grades of use.


Once the product range was secured, Locus continued to assist Littl’ Jueyin developing their online presence to include e-commerce and service features alongside packaging, branding, and collateral development.

In 2007, the Locus team developed Littl’ Juey Electric, the first 650W electric line trimmer designed specifically to utilise the Littl’ Juey cutting technology. In 2008, the Littl’ Juey Electric received a bronze award at the NZ Best Design Awards.

Today, Littl’ Juey continues to provide a range of high performance and durable grass cutting products developed specifically for easy and safe use based on the benefit of quick reloading, tangle-free cutting line. The Littl’ Juey system generates a technical point of difference through the patented Littl’ Juey Cutting Technology, the clip-on Line Reload system, and the fully adjustable Littl’ Juey Electric line trimmer. No springs, no clips, and no catch. No more downtime with impractical, inefficient line trimmers. Gone is the frustration of rewinding tangled nylon line onto standard cutting spools.

The products are still available for sale at various locations including Bunnings & Mitre10 and we’re happy to see Frank the team at Fieldays every year.

“These guys are different, they are as dedicated to your business as you are. They have the complete package of design skills and are passionate about what they do. They take your mind off the development tasks and allow you to concentrate on running your business.”

— Frank Walker, Founder Littl’ Juey


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