• Inverse Hair Conditioning System

Inverse Hair Conditioning System

In an industry that predominantly uses heat or chemicals to get beautiful hair, Inverse is revolutionising the way we condition by harnessing the power of ice.


With years of heat styling, damage and many expensive attempts to unsuccessfully restore the condition of hair, women were left searching for the answer.

David Roe, an innovative New Zealand hair stylist, approached Locus after he experimented with ice. His curiosity was sparked when his wife rinsed her curly hair with ice cold water to surprising results. Her typically frizzy hair had more definition and her curls fell naturally in groups. It was shiny, soft and smooth to touch. He suspected something unique was happening within the hair fibre.


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With no information to explain what was occurring, we set out to dig deeper, exploring the effects of cold temperatures on hair and the keratin within. We initiated user trials, fibre studies, and partnered with AgResearch to analyse the effect of cold temperatures on human hair.

That’s when we revealed the real magic of treating hair with subzero temperatures. In a 30-day user trial, cuticles improved in both health and condition and the hair fibre became stronger, less flaky and more defined. We discovered that prolonged use of sub-zero temperatures helps restore dry and damaged hair to its former glory. This is a whole new way to condition your hair.


We extensively tested our prototypes in professional salons in NZ and California to prove functionality and usability. The Inverse system was designed with the user at heart allowing them to apply optimal cold temperatures comfortably and easily.

As well as the technical development, we worked hard to create a fresh and exciting brand that people would be proud to embrace. We created campaigns and sales materials and spent a lot of time weaving education into the brand story – after all, Inverse has created a whole new category in the hair care sector.


We were constantly on our toes as we adapted the marketing, arranged photo shoots and spoke to media as people were asking questions and discovering the product for themselves. Alongside this, we worked closely with the Inverse team, who were based in our studio, to set the company up for global scale and attract investment.


Inverse was awarded an NZ Best Design Award in 2015 and picked up the coveted Australian Good Design Award in 2016. It has also received some fantastic press from the likes of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, and the Today Show.

The company have a growing distribution network across New Zealand and Australia, Europe, Canada, South America and have a foothold in the Middle-East. We have seen this project go from the spark of an idea to an internationally successful hair-care movement and we are incredibly proud to be a part of something so game-changing.

“I’d like to formally and publicly thank you for an A-class game and the contribution you have all made to our Inverse technology. Thank you team.”