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The harsh New Zealand environment can take a toll on outdoor furniture. The redesigned Cayo range and fun new Off the Hook collection helped Coast NZ's furniture withstand the test of time, both in quality and aesthetic.


Coast had developed a range of outdoor furniture that utilised both wood and textiles, but the materials and manufacturing had created a range of issues. Especially, the use of Tasmanian oak is inappropriate for NZ’s harsh coastal climate; UV exposure and high salt and humidity levels cause the timber to warp and split over time.

Our team carefully reviewed the existing Cayo products and developed a series of recommendations to improve both the materials and processes, while retaining the key design features developed by Coast. We sourced a sustainable replacement for the existing timber, as well as simplifying the assembly, components, and packing size.


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For the frames of the furniture, the team settled on finger jointed and preservative treated New Zealand Pine. Clearwood, a finger-jointed Radiata pine product, is FSC accredited and has a proven performance profile for the application. As a bonus, the use of Clearwood reduced the weight of the units significantly, enabling them to be maneuvered more easily.


A previous Life Cycle Assessment of exterior timber products determined that coatings are responsible for the largest impact. It was essential that the finish on the new range provides long term protection and minimal maintenance. Strong UV light rapidly degrades unpainted timber and timber stains. A paint with a high light reflectance value (LRV) can be guaranteed for a lifespan of up to 10 years with only minimal cleaning required to maintain a high-quality finish. The team worked with Resene to select and develop a water-based enamel system with a high LRV; it’s the same paint that’s used for exterior cladding on homes. All fabrics are Sunbrella Marine Grade which has an extended lifespan that aligns with the timber finish.


The Cayo range was field tested with a wide range of body types to establish an effective sizing framework. This included a structured assessment phase during design and development. The Cayo features generous armrests finished in an extra layer of paint to ensure they last as well as the rest of the unit. These armrests provide a great rest for drinks, books, and more.


A secondary project, the Off the Hook range also involved concept design and prototyping. Once initial sketches were approved, the team built scale models of the components to check the proportions and aesthetics. The final products utilised the findings from the Cayo range to ensure durability, lasting outdoor performance, and a timeless aesthetic.

The Off the Hook range includes a deckchair, throw cushion and foldable mat which are designed to hang on a freestanding easel. The products have been designed to fill the niche between Coast’s existing soft and hard furniture ranges, creating a compact and user-friendly collection with the specific notion of defining space for the individual user.

The revamped Cayo premiered in the VIP Lounge of the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series and both ranges were exhibited at Melbourne’s DesignEx expo in 2009.

“The new range was to allow the consumer to ‘live’ outdoors, bringing indoor comforts out into the sunshine and fresh air. ”


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