Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them.

Daniel Faris


25 JANUARY 2017

100 years ago this year, Alexander M. Nicholson was wrestling with a problem; His radio wouldn’t stay in tune.

This might seem trivial, but in 1917, radio promised to bring a new era of connectedness to the world, if only we could keep them in tune long enough to actually talk to each-other.

It was tantalisingly close, so Alexander did something about it and in doing so, he changed the world.


The device he patented solved his problem and turned out to be critical to the microprocessor, GPS, cell phones and the internet. You may even be wearing one of these on your wrist, right now. This quiet achiever? The Crystal Oscillator. Patented in 1917, it has enabled some of the greatest advances of the century, and is still the clever little component that keeps your Casio G-Shock in time.

Along with the transistor and the integrated circuit, the Crystal Oscillator paved the way for the information age and by extension, much of our modern word.

This begs the question, what innovations in 2017 could radically change our world?

Innovation of this magnitude is driven by people who spot a problem to fix or an opportunity to do something better, and then critically, decide to do something about it. That crazy, world-changing idea is nothing unless you pick it up and run with it.

That’s where we come in. Locus exists to bring innovation into tangible reality. We work with you to take good ideas and turn them into commercial success.

It’s a new year, ripe with opportunity. So whether you’ve been considering an innovation programme and you’re not sure how to get it under-way; or you’ve developed an idea to a point, but you need something extra to take it to the next level, we would like to talk to you.

Over the course of the coming month, we’ll be introducing you to some of the resources we have developed to help people like you achieve your innovation goals.  First off the bat is Managing Innovation, seen below.

Can’t wait for the others to be released? Call us today, and let’s talk about what we can do to make 2017 your year for innovation.
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Managing Innovation

Innovation is a multi-dimensional exercise – each different area having an influence on the whole. And, like any activity within your business, your product development and innovation activity should deliver on your strategy, goals, aspirations, and plans. To do this well, the right structure needs to be in place to manage your learning, control your project and deliver the goods.

Some of the method and mindset behind our approach to managing product development and innovation is described here. Over the years we have refined our approach, and can help you tailor yours to bring out the best in your innovation programme.

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