The internet has deemed 2016 as a year we will sweep under the rug and ignore forever. But for Locus, this year has been one of exciting projects, big changes, and inspirational journeys.

As a team, we sat around the campfire on a warm summer’s evening with hot mugs of coco, to reflect on the year that has been (jokes, I just sent a cheeky email out). So here it is, the Locus Top 10 of 2016.

10. Hatching from the incubator

At the start of 2016 we had the Locus team, the Inverse team and the Ubco team all working out of our Newnham Park Studio. While we have a pretty big space, it’s fair to say it was crammed! It was a bitter sweet moment as we said farewell to colleagues and friends as they moved out of the confines of our start-up incubator and out into the world. A huge congratulations to both companies on this mega-milestone.

9. Locus on the Gram

For a company that takes so many photographs, it seemed strange that we weren’t on Instagram. So this year we bit the bullet and signed up. You can check out all our snaps here — don’t forget to give us a follow!

Locus Research Instagram
8. Good Design Awards

This year we entered Ubco and Inverse into the Good Design Awards in Australia, and both came back with a win! This award represents a high standard consumer mark and is a benchmark for innovation and design.

Good Design Awards
7. Record number of Discoveries completed

This year hit record numbers for new business enquiries. The team have been a buzz of activity as they met new clients, checked out up and coming innovations, and lined up new full scale projects. There are so many great ideas coming out of our small country, so if you’ve been working away on something new get in touch!

6. Successful productionisation of Inverse

Taking a start-up business to full scale production is no easy feat. This year the team has worked incredibly hard to  keep up with global demand of the Inverse Hair Conditioning system, so a big pat on the back to everyone involved.

Inverse Production
5. Selling 100 Ubco bikes

We set ourselves a goal to sell 100 Ubco 2×2’s and on October 25th, we did it! It was definitely a proud moment, especially when we look back to see how far the company has come in such a short time (we awarded Daryl and Anthony the Locus Research Innovation Award at Fieldays Innovations in 2014, and the rest is history!).

Ubco 2x2
4. Balex hitting the boat ramps

It’s a pretty cool moment when you’re out and about and spot one of your projects out in the wild. Jono shared this great snap of the ABL2500 on a boat trailer in Pilot Bay. Balex Marine has also picked up a special mention at the Dame Awards in Amsterdam recently, so congrats Balex team.

Balex Marine
3. The Lab + Innovation Fieldays

Each year we head to Fieldays with our own little innovation hub, designed to give guidance to the Innovations Awards entrants on their product development and commercialisation journey. This year things ramped up a notch and we ended up with a full scale section in the middle of the Innovation Centre, with companies from all around the country joining us on the advice panel. A pinch-yourself moment to say the least.

Fieldays Lab
2. The A to Z of Fieldays

Okay, so we only made it to the letter U but the thought was there. As a part of the Fieldays spirit we got the team to explore Mystery Creek, find something with their assigned letter and snap a pic for Tumblr. Then they tagged the next person along with the next letter in the alphabet. See it as a game of alphabet tag if you wish. You can see all the snaps here. 

1. The Locus Shuffle

Last but certainly not least is the big Locus Shuffle. Tim is now the CEO of Ubco Bikes, and the rest of the team have stepped up to fill his pretty big shoes. Tracey is now our fabulous Managing Director and Dan the General Manager, making sure we all stay in line. But don’t worry, things are as usual in the studio, with lots of amazing What if Wednesdays (you need to see these photographs) and fun antics.

Locus Research
Bonus round

On a personal note, some highlights from the team.

  • Mike has a wee baby due in the next few days
  • Krissi got married!
  • Tracey went off the grid on a motorbike tour around Myanmar
  • Simon climbed to Mount Everest Base Camp
  • Dan celebrated his first full year in the sunny Bay of Plenty — he’s officially a local!
  • Teresa and her team Tauranga Moana won Gold at New Zealand Maori Touch Nationals
  • Robin took her 2-year-old daughter to the US for the first time
  • Caro listened to the entire back catalogue of Radio Lab, Planet Money and This American Life.
  • Tim made the big move to be CEO of Ubco Bikes & set up shop outside the LR studio.

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