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Michael Peterson

Technical Director

Coming from a family of innovative individuals, Michael’s passion for understanding the fundamentals naturally manifested itself into a career in engineering and innovation.

An engineer in mind, an artist at heart, and a rebel in nature, Michael seeks to push boundaries. Armed with a unique combination of analytical and creative competencies, Michael challenges traditional thinking.

10 years of engineering practice has seen Michael work on a variety of products, ranging from automated portable sawmills and rock crushing machines to electric motorcycles and hair beauty products. It’s this wide breadth of experience that helps Michael negotiate the ever-changing project landscape and fast-paced development cycles at Locus Research.

With a diploma in mechanical engineering attained locally at the Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, Michael has a firm grasp of the engineering fundamentals. Though it is via his practiced ability to learn, digest, ideate, and simulate that Michael truly excels.

To design world leading products through home-grown research and innovation is what drives Michael. Responsibilities in his role to the environment and the user are also core focuses and he promotes sustainable product choices wherever possible. Michael enjoys a good laugh and is always grateful for the paradise he has found here in the bay.


Mechanical Engineering
Technical Research & Analysis
Concept Design & Development
Prototyping & Testing
Design for Manufacture
Supply Chain Coordination & Quality Control


Can wiggle ears independently

Drives a granny car (2009 Honda Fit)

Makes great potato wedges


Lifelong exposure to innovation-centric culture

Passionate about mechanical innovation

Competitive sportsman (tennis, golf, surfing, soccer, pool…)