Welcome Dan & Dan

Last week we welcomed a new Dan to the studio, after welcoming another Dan the week before! We now have three Daniels in the studio and it hasn’t been confusing at all.

Daniel DeRenzy joins us fresh out of Trimax Mowers, our local innovative lawnmower producer, and is ex-Fisher & Paykel. As Technical Director, he brings a great mix of engineering skill, FEA expertise, and product design to the team. He also fills a jazz music playing gap left by resident saxophonist Simon and is a father of two.

Though not a dad, avid dad-joke fan Danny Neill returned to NZ after a stint with Logitec in Ireland. We were blown away by the design skill of the young chap and are delighted to have him fill Caroline’s seat while she’s on maternity leave.

Pop into the studio to meet the new Dans — or have a chat with established resident / Classic Dan (Faris).

Above, from left to right: Daniel DeRenzy, Daniel Faris, Danny Neill



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