Farewell to Krissi

Young Krissi first joined Locus fresh out of Uni, having finished her Honours degree in Visual Communication Design and looking to start her career back home in the Bay of Plenty.

Her bubbly personality and enthusiasm landed her a 6-month role with the team, but she fit in so well we just couldn’t let her go. As well as being a great designer, she has a keen eye for photography and great insights when it comes to empathy research. She was instrumental in the Locus website redesign, and had a hand in many client projects that came through our doors. A large chunk of her time was working on brand and marketing for the Roholm start up, the company behind Inverse Hair Conditioning System, so it makes sense that she took the next step in her career with them. She’s now the marketing driver for Inverse, and we wish her well in this new role.

Read her bio here, and check out some snaps below from her time with Locus, working on projects, talking about cats, cooking and eating with us – we’re pretty sure she established the infamous ‘open mouth shot’ that is mandatory at each company meal.



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