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Drybase Tiled Shower Systems

In each city across Australia, there are companies who exist purely to rectify leaking showers. Spotting an opportunity, ShowerCo set out to deliver an innovative tiled shower system that resolves a major industry problem.


Our team worked from initial research right through to product and brand development, to supporting the investment process within the Australasian company.

The team dove straight into industry research, which found that shower failures were the third largest cause of insurance claims in Australia and that water damage from leaking showers was the second highest call back issue for builders. It is such a major problem that shower leak and water damage repair has become a sub-industry within the construction trade.


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Drybase tiled shower system


We set out to develop a fundamentally new type of shower, with a preformed base and waste system, and an architecturally designed glass enclosure that was engineered to be completely waterproof. The innovative tile shower system was developed for rapid, reliable, and cost effective installation.

The design and development had to follow some strict objective to be successful in market. It had to allow tile installation directly onto the surface of the base; ensure water is contained within the shower capsule; withstand the load of a shower user without structural support. The installation process is 100% accountable, reduces shower creation time, and eliminates margins of error in trade crossovers.


Four integrated components make up the Drybase Shower System: Drybase is the first one-piece, rim-moulded, patented, waterproof tiled shower base produced from High-Strength Engineered Thermoplastic (HSET).

Hi-flow is the first silicon-free waste system to include over-moulded gaskets that seal and mechanically lock the waste system safely into the base;
Drywrap is a composite waterproof membrane, which provides a smooth continuous surface for adhering tiles.

The glass enclosure utilises a simple clamping system. This holds the glass in position while the full shower enclosure is installed, and then securely locks the glass position once final alignment is made.

Drybase Shower Systems were developed to out-perform any equivalent frameless shower enclosure and waterproofing method, providing years of faultless use that will guarantee the health of your home.

“If you are serious about converting your idea from your mind to a product, this is a team that will plan and map out the journey offering you the opportunity to take your idea into production.”

— Murray Goodhue, Showerco


Timothy Allan
Blythe Rees-Jones
Ryder Meggit
Murray Goodhue

Andrew Goodhue
Noel Woods
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Best Awards: Bronze – Non-consumer, 2009


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