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Delloch Hip Protection

The Hip Fit system is tailored to each user and designed to protect where others fail.


Ambulance driver Sean O’Connell saw first-hand the impact that falls could have on quality of life. Over 20% of elderly adults hospitalised for a hip fracture die within a year; most others suffer a major decline in independence and mobility. Our research found that existing hip bone protection pads often fail in market, because they do not provide the required protection and comfort levels.


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The team further developed Sean’s original rough prototype into a sophisticated model through an iterative design and testing programme alongside anthropometric research. We explored a wide range of pad materials, properties, and configurations. Our main focus was on effectiveness, with the patient’s needs for comfort and cleaning in mind. We ran extensive force attenuation testing on our prototypes using a custom-built test rig, which replicated and measured fall impact forces on the hip region. The final pad prototypes were externally verified by experts in hip protection research at Cardiff University, UK.

Our anatomical research led to a real point of difference for the Delloch system. Each person’s hip bone is positioned differently, so the system had to be customisable to each user to be effective. An innovative pad adjustment method in the undergarments was developed to provide accurate positioning of the protection across the variance. This was developed with a leading New Zealand undergarment manufacturer for male and female styles and set the new standard in comfort and style for hip protection.

The specially developed brand and logo reflect the nature of the product, protecting the human body from impact. The full brand was expressed through brochures, packaging, and a website, down to the actual labels on the garments and imprints on the pads.


Delloch now has the HipFit in care-homes in New Zealand and sells internationally. The HipFit range includes low and high impact options, as well as a more comfortable pad that can be slept on easily. A secondary line of protection and prevention products has been developed, including an impact beanie and circulation aiding cushions. What started out as a goal to help people’s quality of life resulted in a successful product line for Sean and the Delloch team.

“Locus Research has been an exceptional development partner throughout the whole process, from design through to commercialization.”



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