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A lawyer and an ad exec decided to follow their dream, creating a new niche in the surfing industry.


After too many cold and damp nights waxed into a board bag trying to sleep Simon and Al thought, “There’s got to be a better way to travel and surf.” This was how Curve Surf came to be, with a range of innovative and practical surf accessories to help you and your surfboards arrive safely – wherever the waves are pumping.


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Starting from the ground up, we secured start-up funding from the government and set out examining the industry. Socio-cultural research enabled us to get a clear view of where surfing was headed and what Simon and Al were trying to achieve.

Concepts for various bags were sketched up and then embodied physical prototypes. They were taken through the ringer and thoroughly tested; firstly to validate the principal concepts and to learn more about each design. We assessed storage capacity and durability, alongside the level of protection, handling, impact resistance, and overall performance.

A major goal for the products was to be able to withstand wear and tear caused by luggage handlers and conveyor belts during international travel. So, the prototypes were tested by luggage handlers on the conveyor system at Air New Zealand to ensure the product was really suitable for the intended use.

We fully specified the product, including physical and digital patterns right through to assembly, so Curve Surf could manufacture the products themselves. The end result is a unique board bag with a major point of difference over other board bags: the ability to travel from beach to beach and across the globe without damage to board or bag.


But we didn’t stop there. We extended the collection with complimentary products and concepts for Curve surf to take on in the years to come.

Curve continues to build credibility and are selling product in United States, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. With an ever growing portfolio they are shaping the way that surfers travel.

“Cheers for bringing us a polished range of knockout products that has now made its way into the US market.”



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Winner: Best Awards 2007 Consumer Category